A full-size, face-to-face kitchen is included.
A space where you can spend time with your group.


Full-size two-way kitchen
The owner of "Tsuki" (capacity: 8 people) loves to cook.
The owner of "Tsuki" (capacity: 8 people) loves to cook, and designed the room to accommodate a large number of people, even in Wow Kanazawa.
With a full-size kitchen, a back shelf that also serves as a cooking space, and cooking utensils and seasonings, everyone can relax in the spacious living and dining room while enjoying cooking.
Some people use the room to hold cooking classes.
The room can also be used together with "Kaze", a popular retreat for business executives.
It can accommodate up to 10 people, making it a good choice for group or company training.

The large space is unlike any other inn, and can accommodate up to eight people. The full kitchen, renovated to be modern and easy to use, will make the time you spend with your loved ones in Kanazawa special.

115.61 m2 / 70 tatami mats

A spacious and luxurious space with a floor area of 115.61㎡. An inn where you can fully enjoy Kanazawa time in your own way while feeling the structure of a traditional townhouse.
Tsuboniwa garden set up in the room. At night, it is lit up to reveal an ethereal image.

You can fully enjoy the precious time you spend with your loved ones.

1-6-6 Masuizumi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-prefecture
1 to 8 guests
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body wash/Toothbrush/Bath towels/Hand towels/Black tea
Indoor equipment
Wi-fi/ Set of Kitchenware / Set of dishes / IH cooker / refrigerator / microwave / Electric kettle / Hair dryer / Washing machine / Futon Japanese-Bedding-Style / AC (with Heater) / Hot plate
no smoking or vaping inside the facility. If you smokeg or vape in the facility, you will be charged a penalty fee. Shoes strictly prohibited. You may be charged a cleaning fee if you climb the floor with your shoes on. Please be quiet at night. Pets are not allowed. There is a shared parking lot. (free. The number of parking spaces is limited. It must be reserved in advance.) For stays of 3 nights or less, there is no cleaning or change of sheets and towels during consecutive nights.
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