Access Map

Access Map

Access by Car

First of all, please aim at the Masuizumi intersection.

Whether you are coming from Kanazawa Station or Hokuriku Expressway, please first aim for the Masuizumi intersection.
◆ If you are coming from the Hokuriku Expressway, get off at Kanazawa Nishi Interchange and follow the road signs toward the Kanazawa city area at the Matsushima Kita intersection.
◆ If coming from Kanazawa Station, proceed along Showa-Odori Street in the direction of Kaga and pass the Motoguruma intersection.

Masuizumi intersection

If you come to the Massen intersection from the west interchange, you will see the restaurant “Matsuya” on the right side in front of the Masuizumi intersection.

Masuizumi intersection

There is a restaurant “Yayoken” on the left corner of the Masuizumi intersection.And go straight here.

View of Masui intersection from the direction of Kanazawa Station

If you come to the Masuzumi intersection from Kanazawa station, there is a used car dealer "Gulliver" on the left side of the Masuizumi intersection. Turn left here.

Turn right at the Shiragiku West intersection. Go to the main building first.

After a while, Shiragiku Nishi intersection, Turn right here.


Access by public transportation

Convenient use of the bus "The Kanazawa shuuyuu-bus".

To come to "Wow! KANAZAWA STAY" from Kanazawa Station is a convenient use of the bus "The Kanazawa shuuyuu-bus". From Kanazawa Station East Exit, it runs every 15 minutes from the 6th bus stop.Get on at the back entrance and get off at the front exit. The fee will be paid when getting off.◆Adult fee (more than junior high school student) 200 yen ◆child fee (elementary student) 100 yen


There are two routes for the tour bus.

Right Loop & Left Loop

"The Kanazawa shuuyuu-bus" has two routes, Right Loop & Left Loop.The red bus is Right Loop and the green bus is Left Loop.If you come to "Wow! KANAZAWA STAY" in the shortest time, please take the green bus.The bus stop to get off is a "Hirokoji" bus stop both Right Loop & Left Loop.(Right Loop/bus stop No.11, Left Loop/bus stop No.5)


Turn left and get off at the Hirokoji bus stop

If you use a Left Loop bus, cross Katamachi and Sai-river and turn left at the Hirokoji intersection, then get off at the "Hirokouji" bus stop (bus stop No.5).


Turn right and get off at the Hirokoji bus stop.

If you use a Right Loop bus, cross Sai-river and turn right at the Teramachi intersection, then get off at Hirokoji Bus Stop (bus stop No.11).There is a long-established Japanese-style restaurant "Tsubajin" across the road.


Cross the Hirokoji intersection.

After getting off at the "Hirokouji bus stop", go straight past the "Hirokouji intersection". After passing the second traffic light and past the park on your left, turn left. Turn right after about 50m and you will see the main building on your left. Please check in here.


One day free ticket!

You can purchase a one day free ticket "ichinichi free joshaken" at the Hokutetsu Bus Information Office at Kanazawa Station East Exit. If this is used, "The Kanazawa shuuyuu-bus" will have unlimited ride all day. And you can enjoy Kanazawa as it covers almost all sightseeing spots in the city of Kanazawa.◆Adult fee (more than junior high school student) 500 yen ◆child fee (elementary student) 250 yen

Nishi-chaya Street

Omi-cho Market


Nagamachi samurai residence

Kenrokuen Garden

Kanazawa Castle Park

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Higashi-Chaya Street